Beach Hair Styles

Whilst many of us dream of gorgeous beachy waves that any self-respecting mermaid would be jealous of, the reality is that often when we’re at the beach a gorgeous hairstyle can be a bit of a nightmare to achieve. For many of us we find that the sea breeze whips our locks into a knotted frenzy, the salt makes it stiff and we are fighting a losing battle against the frizz making us wonder how we can tame our manes to look great.

Thanks to sites like Pinterest it is now easier than ever to find tutorials and inspiration for all of our beauty needs and when it comes to our hair, no matter what hair type you have, there are loads of different styles that you could be trying out and of course there are even styles that are ideal for the beach too. Whether you prefer lounging on your towel soaking up those summer rays, or splashing about in the water, we’ve got some great ideas that will have you covered when you are hanging out at the beach summer. Read on to find them out.

What: Braids

Best for: Water babies

If you prefer to be a bit active when you’re at the beach with swimming, snorkelling, splashing around and other water sports, then you’re going to need a practical style that will keep your hair looking neat and out of your way when you’re in and out of the water. If this is you then avoid loose styles that will get in your eyes and look pretty flat when drying, but don’t simply plump for a boring old pony tail or a messy bun. Instead get creative with some braids. Whether you prefer 2 side braids, one that tucks your hair back like a hair band or a single long braid, the options are endless. And if you really do love a pony tail, then do some funky side braids before you put your hair up for a practical and gorgeous summer look.

What: Loose locks with a bandana

Best for: Beach babes

If the closest that you’ll get to the water is dipping your toes than a loose style is a great complement to your look when you’re at the beach. Especially if you have longer hair, a flowing hippy style will give you instant glamour. However nobody likes a sweaty fringe or forehead so use a trendy bandana to keep your hair away from your face for a laidback yet practical summer style that will see you playing beach volleyball and relaxing too.

What: Top knot

Best for: Sun worshippers

If you love to sun bathe then you’ll want a style that is out of your way meaning no dodgy tan lines, and that you can’t sweat into. A chic top knot is the ideal style for you then, meaning maximum exposure to the sun whilst also keeping your hair pretty clean too. This is especially handy if you plan to go from beach to bar since when you undo this style, you’ll find you have loose beachy waves like magic!


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