Lollipop Pastel Nails

Nails and nail art and beauty in general have been big news in the world of fashion and beauty for years now but particularly in the last 5 or 6 years, what with new innovative products and technologies, everybody seems to be embracing this trend. And just like with the changing fashions, nail colours that are in vogue tend to change too, so it’s no surprise that we all end up with dozens of nail polish in our beauty bags!

Just like how darker colours are more popular in autumn and winter, and more fun and flirty ones are popular in spring and summer, nail polish colours mimic this trend. This year for spring and summer, popping popular colours have been everywhere (along with floral motifs but more about them later), and what better way to emulate this trend than with some pretty pastel nails that you have done yourself at the lowest price possible and from the comfort of your own home. And even if you somehow botch it when having to paint your dominant hand, there is always a friend you can pester to help. Read on for our top nail polish shades this summer.

Firstly before we actually dive into our preferred shades, one of the most important things that you should buy is a good top coat. It will not only make your nail colour last longer without chipping, but high gloss gel effects are seriously in right now and will make your home manicure look much more professional. This Barry M Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat is just the thing and it only costs a few pounds, making it well worth the money! Get it over at Feel Unique where there is a huge range of nail polishes, accessories and more, and to nab an even better deal, check out this link for a promo code for their site:

For some pretty summer shades that will also be good for your nails, then we love another of Barry M’s ranges, their Coconut Infusion Nail Paint which comes in gorgeous pastels, corals and beachy neutrals that will have your nails looking great this summer. The coconut actually nourishes your nails too so these are a practical addition to your nail polish collection. Costing just £4.99 per bottle they are really reasonably priced too meaning you can definitely get more than 1!

For some gorgeous pastel nail polish shades at teeny prices this summer, you should check out the Avon Color Trend range which boasts some great colours. The small bottles are really practical since there is nothing more annoying than a nail polish drying up before you can use it, and with names like Limoncello, Grape Gelato and Bubblegum Bliss, you know you’re onto a winner for your nails this summer! Get them from Avon for £3 a bottle.

And finally we mentioned floral motifs briefly above, so why not incorporate this style into your nail art too with some easy to use floral nail stickers? You can easily pick them up online for minimal prices and they are so easy to apply; paint your chosen shade, wait for it to completely dry then place the sticker on the nail with tweezers and gently press down. Then, paint over with your top coat; it really is as simple as that and you can enjoy some funky and professional looking nails.

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