Tattoo or no Tattoo?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a tattoo and you shouldn’t ever feel pressured into getting one you don’t want. Remember they’re permanent and it’s a big decision to make. One many people walk into without really thinking at all!

1. They aren’t permanent.

If you’re holding back because commitment is scary and you’re unsure if you want this for the rest of your days you should keep in mind that there are now ways of removing tattoos. Laser removal is becoming more of a thing and isn’t too expensive.

2. They are permanent.

In contrast… there is comfort to be found in permanence, for a lot of people its good to know that something in your life will be there no matter what. This is a big motivator for people, especially those who have lost a loved one and are now looking at a way of keeping them with them forever.

3. You can express your personality.

If you’re going to go with a really visible tattoo you can show everyone around you who you are. It’s a great way to express yourself and with tattoos, you can tell someones favourite colour, their dislikes, and likes and much much more without even speaking.

4. It can be meaningful.

Many tattoos have a meaning. You tend to not just get a tattoo because it looks good, well some do but the majority of us are motivated by another factor. Some people honor loved ones or show their love for a sport or memory.

5. It doesn’t have to be meaningful.

In saying all that. there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a tattoo just because it looks cool. No matter what you get it represents your personality.

6. You can place it wherever you want.

If you don’t want to have it in a place everyone can see you can get it in a discreet place. This is better for those in certain professions.


7. You can make something beautiful.

Many people get tattoos to cover scars, birthmarks or burns as well. Your tattoo artist can incorporate the natural imperfections to create something amazing!


8. They give you confidence.

Sometimes just looking at your own tattoos can give you the confidence you need.

9. Your body is your body.

Remember it is your body, well unless your 18 you have the right to make whatever change you want to it. Freedom is an amazing thing.

10. Times have changed.

Tattoos aren’t as taboo as they once were, you’re not a criminal or bad person if you get one. They’re actually trendy and in style and can do wonders for certain people.

You should take all of this into consideration before getting a tattoo. Why not check out Tribe Tattoo in Glasgow

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