An Insight into Mole Removal

Moles are defined as;

  • They are growths on the skin.
  • They appear when the skin cells are clustered instead of being evenly spread.
  • These cells are called melanocytes.

Understandably, moles can be an annoyance wherever they are on your body. They are usually a harmless discoloration of the skin, but if you are annoyed by the appearance of your moles, there are modern scientific cosmetic procedures to get rid of them.

So then, how do you get rid of moles?  The answer to your mole removal question is simple. Find an established medical cosmetic clinic, such as Snowberry Lane, and they will put your mole worries to bed. When trying to weigh up the pros and cons of mole removal, it is important that you consult your dermatologist for the best advice.

The mole removal procedure

You will be relieved to know that the mole removal process can be pretty quick and simple. It involves using advanced technology in cosmetic radio surgery. This specialises in skin tag removal – basically any lumps or bumps on your skin. The treatment itself involves:

  1. A local anaesthetic will be injected into the skin to numb the area.
  2. The radiowave machine will transmit radio waves through the wand’s tip, which gently make contact with the mole’s tissue.
  3. The radio waves are very intense, and so they spark a reaction in the mole called intracellular volatilization.
  4. This makes water inside the melanocytes boil and steam, which causes the mole to split and break up.

How much will the treatment cost?

It’s difficult to provide you with an exact cost for mole removal, since different dermatologists will give you different prices. A general estimate will be around £300. However, this can be more or less depending on the location, insurance and medical practice.

Can I expect any scarring?

Since any form of skin tag removal makes it impossible for the skin underneath the treated area to exactly match the skin around it. However, this is barely noticeable and will even fade almost completely over time.

Is the treatment painful?

When using cosmetic radio surgery to get rid of skin tags, you can expect minimal pain from the procedure due to the anaesthetic that you will be given. In fact, it has been said that quite often the most painful part of the treatment is the insertion of the needle for the anaesthetic.

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